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A delightful perennial groundcover, this forms a patch of small lemon-lime leaves with mature leaves turning green with white center stripe. Clusters of deep lavender-pink flowers appear in spring, then continue on and off until fall. Lemon Frost is slower to spread than most other selections. Trailing stems spread by underground rhizomes, making it an excellent weed-smothering groundcover plant for shady situations.


The growth will be most compact in moist, well-drained soils, but Lamium can grow in drier areas as well. It grows well in shade or partial shade, not liking the hot afternoon sun. Lamiums are squirrel, rabbit and deer resitant.


Color: Lemon-lime with silver, blooms are lavender-pink.  

Height: 6-12 inches tall

Sun: Shade to part shade

Bloom Time: May

Container: One plant in a Gallon Container

Lamium (Lemon Frost)

SKU: C24