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Bean & Pepper Mix - Full Flat

Half a flat (3 qty 6 paks) of Beans (Bush type) and half a flat (3 qty 6 paks) of Peppers (Lunchbox Snack mix: Red, Orange, and Yellow).   


Three plants each of the bush bean cultivars - Provider (heavy yields) and Royal Burgundy (purple skin) in each of the 3 qty 6-pak of plants.


Provider: This bush-habit plant sets masses of rounded, plump 5 1/2-inch green beans. Quick to mature, it is well-rooted and vigorous, one of the easiest and most successful beans you will ever grow. Great for beginning gardeners, including children. 


Royal Burgundy: This bean is absolutely gorgeous! Violet-purple outside and bright green inside, it is fun for kids to grow and has great flavor. The 5" inch long pods are easy to spot when harvesting, turn green after cooking, and add stunning color to salads when used raw. 


For the pepper plants, you will recieve two plants each of red, yellow and orange lunchbox (sweet) peppers. Excellent for snacking right off the plant.


Full sun. 6 plants per pak, total of 6 paks per flat. Annuals. 

Bean & Pepper Mix - Full Flat

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